Private Clinics

Mantz Creek Horses Private Clinic Descriptions...

Our clinics are taught in such a way that they are beneficial to any riding discipline and, students of all skill levels.
Horsemanship Clinics with Netty Coker

Horsemanship Clinics

Strong fundamentals are taught over the course of 3 days in a connective manner that will guide each student through the process of advancing themselves and their horse. The students will understand ways in which to establish and maintain softness within their horse.

Horsemanship clinics start from the ground up. The first half-day, to one full day is spent on the ground helping students understand how to effectively communicate with their horse based on the horse's way of thinking and natural instincts. We instruct students how to establish the parameters of respect, willingness, and responsiveness and, how to get their horses to be responsive without being reactive.

Netty explains the correlation between, and progression from, the groundwork to working in the saddle, and how it applies to better, more effective communication between horse and rider.

The following days are spent in the saddle instructing students on how to apply the parameters of respect, willingness, and responsiveness that were established in the groundwork into the saddle in order to create refinement in their horses.

Cow Work Clinics with Kevin Meyer

Horsemanship & Cow Working Clinics

This is an excellent way to bring meaning and refinement to your horsemanship skills by working with cattle. These sessions include the most basic exercise of encouraging interest in horses new to cattle, up to refining experienced working and show horses on an individualized basis. Kevin motivates, and teaches students how to control cattle by building confidence in the horse and rider by using discipline, position, and efficient movement. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding cattle behavior and body language. As you progress, you will rapidly learn to trust your horse as he learns to control a cow by rating, stopping and turning, requiring less and less cues from you.

Horsemanship Clinics with Mantz Creek Horses

3 Day Private Clinic Description

The 3 day private clinics are designed to provide more individualized instruction than what is possible in the larger clinic environment. By limiting the size of the clinic to 4 to 6 participants, the students are given the opportunity to receive instruction that is targeted toward each horse and rider's individual needs.

Netty and Kevin spend more one-on-one time with each student to help them achieve an in-depth understanding of what they need to review, focus on, and enhance in their horses and their riding. This enables them to move on to a higher level of skill and success in their riding journey.


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