Horsemanship Training Services

Horsemanship Services...

* 3 Day Horsemanship/Cow Working Clinics
(Contact Clinic Sponsor for details):
$650 - $325 @ registration, $325 due 60 days before clinic
$25/Day - Audit clinic

* Intermediate to Advanced Lessons:
Private Lesson - $100.00
Mileage may apply

Video Training Services

* Training Video Request:
Request specific training information from Netty and Kevin. A short video addressing the request. $50.00

Buy Training Video

* Video Consultation Service:
Send us your video for review and Netty will respond with detailed information and educational info to help you and your horse achieve success. - $50 / video


450 Bedtick Road

Douglas, WY 82633

Netty  406.471.9394

Kevin  307.331.8953