Kevin Meyer
Kevin Meyer

Kevin Meyer...

  • Raised on a cow/calf operation in South Eastern Wyoming
  • Worked as a working cowboy and colt starter
  • Hired by Wagonhound Land and Livestock, Horse Division Manager for over 3 years
  • Owns and Operates his own horse training business
  • Runs cattle on several leased ranches in South East Wyoming
  • Stock Horse Judge and competitor with over 15 years experience in the Performance Arena
  • Conducts Cow Horse & Ranch Versatility Clinics throughout the US


Kevin Meyer running cattle
Kevin Meyer cutting demonstration
Kevin Meyer at NHNC
Kevin Meyer training

Kevin has unique experience with a presence in both the show arena as well as the ranch world.

He works to have his ranch horses to ride like show horses and he wants them to work a cow with precision, know how to spin, how to stop.

He trains his show horses to have the same mental approach to their job as an honest ranch horse, where they don't get hot. He doesn't want to have to lope his horses for two hours in order to show them for two and a half minutes.

He wants to unload a horse off the trailer, trot them around for a little bit, and then go show them. 

Kevin and Student rider

Kevin believes a horse can perform and also be relaxed. Finding the balance between these two things is important.

He thinks a lot of cowboys could learn from the show world, but the show world could learn a lot from how cowboys ride and treat their horses. 

"Mornings on Horseback" podcast by Kevin Meyer

Kevin Meyer shares advice

Western Horseman

No-Fences Clinic by Ross Hecox - October 5, 2018

Sagebrush Circles

Kevin Meyer’s simple exercise helps horses develop flexion and clean turnarounds...

Peaceful Waters by Tom Cox

Tom Cox Artwork

Tim Cox is one of the preeminent western artists in the world today. It has been a pleasure to get to know him and his family as well as working horseback with him. I am truly honored and humbled to have been included in several of his paintings.

This piece is titled "Peaceful Waters".

Crossing the Creek by Tim Cox

Crossing the Creek

Cowboy Cut by Tom Cox

Cowboy Cut

Good Horses & Wide Open spaces by Tom Cox

Good Horses & Wide Open Spaces


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